About Niall

Hi, my name is Niall McShane.

I am a coach and facilitator specialising in the use of reflection to drive continual performance improvement for individuals and teams.

  • Coached and consulted to some of Australia’s largest companies (Telstra, NAB, AusPost)
  • Extensive experience in large corporate programs/projects for Govt and Corporate
  • Only uses best-practice, theoretically sound proven and practical methods (no fluff, just results)
  • Benefits and insights realised up front in the first 2-hour session or there is no charge
  • Accredited coach and MBA qualified; combines real world experience with the latest research

How did I end up specialising in this area of work?

Early on in my work life I was a sports coach working with athletes of all levels including some Olympians, my role was to plan their training and monitor their performance. Essentially it was a plan-act-review model. This approach seemed a natural way to learn about yourself and improve.

Once I sold my coaching and fitness business I wanted to try my hand at corporate consulting…

I did my an MBA and took a role consulting in the Middle East for 12 months.

When I was overseas working in the Middle East as an ex-patriot I had all the luxuries of the modern life, I was very busy as well as isolated from my normal social networks. All this led me to some self-reflection on how the plan-act-review model applied to a non-sporting environment.

After my year overseas I returned to Australia and began working for companies like Telstra, NAB, Australia Post and some government departments. What I soon noticed is that everyone was running around doing and delivering with little time being given to reflecting, re-assessing at a personal level. A lot of people seemed to be trapped in their work with little hope of fulfilment and with no support to stop and consider if what they were doing was the best use of their strengths. There was no plan-act-review for individuals in the workplace. I saw a lot of role-centric performance reviews but they never considered a wide enough range of possibilities (is working here right for you for example).

I returned to Melbourne and decided to conceptualise my thinking and put my finger on exactly what it was that was lacking in the modern workplace that would significantly improve people’s wellness and fulfilment whilst having them perform at their best and contribute. What I came up with is now represented by my coaching service which marries structured reflective techniques with continuous performance improvement.

The outcome of my work is to get people working to their strengths in a field they are passionate about and embed self-reflection into how they work to ensure alignment of personal purpose and their job requirements.

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