Are you ready to face your fears?

I am fast forming the opinion that self-reliant, confident professionals are people who grow through their fears and worries.

Recently I have been working with two clients. Both clients uncovered their respective worries and fears regarding what change would mean for them. This involves some work to face into what it would look like to confront and move past that which has been blocking them moving forward in their work life.

After this analysis the next step is to commence the work to change beliefs and behaviour.

One client saw their fears, stared them down and bravely strode towards the necessary change. The other client was less confident, baulking and finding logical reasons to not continue forward.

For me the coaching lesson here is about readiness and the fact that we may need to take a few passes toward and then away from our fears before we are ready to confront them and commence the work of change.

Whilst it may seem that the client that stepped forward is braver than the client that did not, this is not the right way to view thingsā€¦ timing and readiness differ between people as does every human trait.

These two clients have re-affirmed to me that my job is to meet the client where they are, point the way towards growth and be there for them when they are ready to step forward.

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