Hopelessness is useful

A lot of what I do in my coaching is creating hope, that a client’s circumstance can and will improve through a combination of intent and action.

If things are hope-less we can become very low BUT it is in these moments that we get to know our naked self or arguably our authentic self; stripped of our hopes and dreams. With no hope what is left..? If you can just for a moment let go of your worries, fears and hopes it allows your consciousness to be fully open. With everything else gone, you as you are, now, in this moment is what is left. This to most people is a scary place and one we want to get away from FAST. But there is value in hopelessness…

In coaching conversations it is useful and often necessary to strip everything about the self back and then move through this scary place towards new hope, new beginnings and opportunities.

The point I am making is that the scary place is useful as it provides us with a clean slate and wide open opportunity, once we re-focus on a new goal our awareness narrows and the world in some way becomes smaller.

So next time you feel you are at rock bottom and things are hopeless; pause, take a long deep breath and be aware of the broad, wide, open world of opportunities that are in front of you, sit with your naked self and wait to see what emerges, and of course seek the help of a coach if you have trouble building new hope ;-)

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