Why I cried at work last week..?

Recently I was sitting with a coaching client listening to how his work literally was saving lives when I suddenly appreciated that in helping this person I was (indirectly) saving people from death and that if we could improve this workplace culture we will stop people dying unnecessarily.

My emotional system became flooded and tears welled up in my eyes. To be honest we were both a bit teary in that session and it made me realise that emotions have such power but get such a bad reputation in the workplace.

Let me ask you a question:
“Do you consider being highly emotional at work to be a positive thing?”

Or an even better question; and one that is more useful:
“What do you do (how do you behave) when you become highly emotional at work?”

Emotions in my personal opinion are awesome in that they indicate you are at the limit of your values, beliefs, are out of your comfort zone AND in a learning situation. To suppress, hide or ignore them is to turn your back on opportunity for growth. If you experience strong emotions in the workplace then this is your chance for professional development.

So give your emotions a big hug, embrace them but be careful of letting them rule your behaviour.

Let them come up in you, notice them, observe them, listen to them but ensure you make the decisions on what, if any, resulting behaviour is required whilst you are emotional.

Feel like sharing, please comment on this post and let me know how and when you have experienced strong emotions at work and how you learnt from them.

Having trouble with your emotions or dealing with the emotions of others?…maybe we need a coaching conversation ;-)


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