I am at the airport coming home from South Africa where I was invited to judge the winner of a pitching contest for young business owners at the Richard Branson Centre for Entrepreneurship.  What struck me about the finalists (and the country) is the sense of spirit in the people. The commercial activities of the young people I met were all “spirit-driven”. The winner’s clothing brand represented oneness, peace and other authentic Zulu tribe attributes. The difference between his pitch and what you would normally see in Australia was that he was not faking it to get sales, he lived it and it was obvious. He embodied his brand, his values and was driven by the spirit of Africa. Despite this, his business was a for-profit and had hard outcomes but his message resonated with somthing deeper.

It struck me that this is exactly what I personally want from my business and what I believe most people want from their life. To do something that matters and taps into something bigger, in other words we want to be spirit-driven. The energy and power in the room as he pitched was amazing and I wish we could all feel this energy in our work lives… at least to some degree.

So consider what you are doing and what drives you…


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