The Minimalists Guide to Fulfilment at Work

Fulfilment is defined as:

To make you happy and satisfied because you are using your abilities

So I read that definition as…

You are doing work you are good at and love.

So what is the one thing that if you had more of it would allow you to be fulfilled?

The one thing you need to become fulfilled at work is self-awareness.

I’m so passionate about this topic I have decided to run a free webinar on it, click here to know more. …first plug ;-)

If you do not have awareness of how you see the world, how you come unstuck/derailed, your beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, motivations, passions, learning style, personality etc, etc then you have low self-awareness. Low self-awareness means you cannot know what will fulfill you and therefore do not know what to go after, do or not do in your work and career.

Once you know about yourself you can then be more aware of yourself as you go through the day which will in turn dramatically improve your effectiveness. Why?

Because self-awareness helps you to:

  • make better use of the skills you have (efficiency and productivity)
  • do things that are more aligned to your goals, passions (and say no to things that aren’t aligned)
  • not get thrown off-track by your destructive habits (what they are and when they come up)
  • Better control your emotions (that annoy or make others uncomfortable around you)
  • have improved focus and performance (you know what you are good at and what you want and do more of it)

To get self-aware the process is simple; learn about and get to know yourself. Easier said then done I hear you say; agreed! But there are some simple things you can do to boost your self-awareness quickly. Learn about them for free in my upcoming webinar …second plug ;-)

In my last post I told the story of Ralph and promised to tell what he did to improve his fulfillment at work. Well you guessed it Ralph woke up to himself and became more self-aware. Naturally you are now asking…

“How do I get as self-aware as possible as fast as possible?”

Well I’m glad you asked! To answer this question is beyond the scope of this post so check out this webinar I recorded on the topic of self-awareness.

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