I’ve crossed to the other side, why don’t you join me?

As I grow more grey hairs and look back on my own personal and professional journey more and more I see a divide. This divide is like a wide rushing river. I’m on one bank looking across the river. From where I stand I see life as an adventure, a jungle gym as opposed to a ladder. My attitude is one of curiosity and desire to help others; this is in stark contrast to the people on the other bank of the river. They are self-involved, obsessed with controlling life and getting more security, safety, wealth and assets. I’ve been on that bank, I’ve hand millions of dollars of debt against a large portfolio of property in the hope of being able to retire early and live the ‘good’ life. I’ve been so into what I wanted that I missed decades of life due to being overly invested in a future happiness at the expense of being present and experiencing the richness of the present.

Don’t get me wrong, wealth, money etc. are not ‘bad’ it’s just overly obsessing past the point where we have enough (how ever much that is) causes us to become too self-centred and in the end makes us unhappy (as we will never have enough as long as this mindset persists).

Now all of this may sound a bit overly metaphorical but let me assure you this shift in my perception that moved me to the other bank of the river has had a profound affect on my personal and professional life. I now deeply believe that everyone has an obligation to raise their consciousness above their own selfish desires and start to look at what they can do to live more sustainably. Sustainability means not wrecking everything around you as you go through the world and living so that you balance the social, economic and environmental aspects of living whilst providing for yourself and dependents.

All my work, this blog and how I raise my kids is fuelled by the mission I’m on to live sustainably and help others realise that really we have no choice but to navigate our way to the other bank of the river. How each individual gets there is going to vary as much as there are people in the world. For me I discovered a path via meditation for others they work in nature, change careers or take a sabbatical from work to study philosophy (this is what my sister did). It does not matter what your path is and I’m not here to judge you or your life but to simply point the way to the other bank where I know we all need to be in order to be the best humans possible.

Good luck on your journey, be well.



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4 comments on “I’ve crossed to the other side, why don’t you join me?
  1. Raksha says:

    A lovely read, Niall, thank you. Yes indeed, I’ve had this penny drop in a very large way for me this year. To consciously move from self promotion and preservation and aspire beyond that, to understand the collective, the oneness, the ubuntuism – that is living. My new vision is precisely that, to raise consciousness around our inter-connectedness so that we live in a more responsible way. Great to read that we’re on the same page.
    Take care!

  2. The Patriot says:

    Hi Niall, I’m with you. Having started a new relationship this year after 28yrs of the past one, I now have a greater understanding of inner peace and gratitude for little things whilst also helping others. We run weekly meditations and they work for us. Our guests are of the same view of raised awareness/consciousness and I am sure that many more are also on this path. It might be something that clicks when you reach a certain age or change of circumstance…but it doesnt matter the trigger, its the result that counts.
    Community service via Kiwanis is another “pay back” to society which gives me a lot of pleasure.
    But I still like the toys and need to grow assets again….but at least its not for the sake of it.
    Well done.

  3. Josh says:


    Great call. Yep you are right. It doesn’t matter how much you have, you need more. A newer, better whatever. I’ve just dug up my backyard and am planting my vegies, and also have a small orchard. It doesn’t meet all our needs by any stretch but its getting back into nature which makes me (and hopefully the family) feel more connected to real life. And as for meditation, yep I’ve been doing it for 6-8 weeks. It’s damn hard but I’m pretty sure it is keeping me sane in a pretty stressful life running two businesses and studying. So Nial, … thanks for your words – I totally agree :)

  4. Niall McShane says:

    Thanks for all the heart-felt contributions. Interestingly these type of posts get less readership but not surprising more engagement. Please share this type of post to spread the word :-)

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